Just clean…

... that’s how the studios prefer things to be. After all, “coloring” a voice is their specialty. 

Therefore, the recordings are made as clean and neutral as possible and provided in the desired format, preferably within 24 hours by e-mail, ftp, Yousendit, Dropbox or carrier pigeon.

If desired, remote sessions can be followed by the customer and can be directed via Skype or by telephone (hybride).

Want a taste of the sound? Please send a short demo text to


The audio productions can be recorded fast and accurate in his own home studio, digital and of excellent quality. Jo Van Belle speaks into the following components that have been selected with care:

Microphone: Neumann U87
Neumann TLM103
Pre-amp: Focusrite Liquid Channel
Mixer: Eela D3 digital mixing console
Soundcard: Universal Audio Apollo DUO
Acoustics: Mutrox soundproof solutions
Monitors: Genelec 8040 BPM
Software Pro Tools 11
Sound Studio
OS X Mavericks
Installation: Maartens sound & vision 
Flooring My dog Felix